Looking for Mr. Right when all you see is Mr. Wrong

By Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah

Looking-for-mr-right_OMTimesThe elusive search for Mr. Right keeps women on a relationship treadmill. Even when they feel they have located the perfect partner, they realize later that he was not.  Sometimes, instead of kicking Mr. Wrong to the curb, and going out in search of another Mr. Right, they choose to waste their time in an attempt to transform this Mr. Wrong into the Mr. Right they yearn for. Unfortunately, there is no switch to flip, button to push or magic that can be done to turn him into the right guy. Waiting for him to transform himself into Mr. Ideal will not happen either, at least not in this century.

Men are not made of clay and no amount of love, guidance, support or encouragement will shape or mold them into the perfect guy. Mr. Right does not require a lot of molding, working or shaping. He will be Mr. Right right out of the box, requiring minimal effort or fuss. If someone has to fight tooth and nail for months, or years, in an attempt to make someone right for them, he is Mr. Wrong.

He may have been Mr. Right in the beginning but over time managed to become Mr. Wrong. Unlike Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde however, he does not have the magic potion to change back into his fabulous former self. What happened along the way? What bad habits, routines and behaviors changed this man from Mr. Right into Mr. Wrong? Was he attentive in the beginning? Has he become Mr. Aloof?

Not all frogs turn into princes, some will forever remain toads. Mr. Right may not be Mr. Right at the present time, but there may be some potential down the road. Bear in mind that not everyone reaches their true potential. Mr. ‘Not Right Now But Possible’ may never reach his potential in the relationship, even if he is being given all the love, time, patience and energy in the world. If he is Mr. ‘Work in Progress’, but no progress is being made, it is time to consider pulling the plug on this project once and for all.

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