When Was The Last Time You Thanked Your Body?

By Robin Coventry

Love_yourselfOdd question?  Not really.  Our bodies are amazing; just think we have roughly 50 to 75 trillion cells and we replace millions every day.  Cells are the basic functional unit of our bodies and so very versatile. Tiny yes, but some can form into sheets of skin that covers us or create energy to keep us moving.  Some make protein, bile and cholesterol that remove toxins from our blood.  Others are reproductive cells that bring forth life. This list could go on, as there are some 200 types of cells in the human body.

What is so amazing is that our cells are precisely organized to create a human body.  Now, imagine if they led an isolated life or anarchical existence we would certainly not look like human beings.  Over the years, I have heard it called a “meat suit,” “shell,” or “skin & bones,” but it is so much more than that.

Think for a moment about all the body systems:  our skeletal system of bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons that provide structural support; the Muscular System which generates movement; Digestive System that breaks down our food to nourish our bodies; the Urinary System which removes waste products generated by our other body systems; the Reproductive System which helps life to continue on; our Respiratory System which transports oxygen to the lungs and blood; the Lymphatic System drains blood from blood capillaries and returns them to the blood and distributes our immune cells;  our Endocrine System creates hormones that carry messages to other parts of the body;  the Cardiovascular System uses blood to carry oxygen and nutrients from the digestive system to all cells of the body’s systems. It is hear we find our heart busy at work pumping blood through the vessels; our Nervous System communicates through nerve cells and the brain to help us function.  All these systems work together and are much more complicated than what I have mentioned they keep us alive.

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