The Water Undines consist of Limoniades, Mermaids, Naiads, Oceanid, Oreads, Potamides, Sea Maids.


Fire Elementals:

Salamanders have been seen in the shape of fiery balls, or tongues of fire, running over the fields, or peering in houses.The salamanders are the spirit of fire. They keep us warm and work through the liver, bloodstream and emotions. Without these beings, fire cannot exist. You cannot light a match without a salamander being present. They are considered the strongest and most powerful of all the elementals. Their King is a magnificent flaming being called Djin. Salamanders will always help people who are friendly towards them and keep their heart fires burning. They also have special influence over those with fiery tempers.


Air Elementals:

The sylphs are the air spirits. Their element has the highest vibratory rate. They are said to live on the tops of mountains. The leader of the sylphs is a being called Queen Paralda who is said to dwell on the highest mountain of Earth. They often assume human form but only for short periods of time and they are said to be the most beautiful of all the elementals. They are usually seen with wings, looking like cherubs or fairies. They are said to leave beautiful green rings in meadows and fields caused by bending the dewy grass caused by their dancing in circles. Because of their connection to air, which is associated with the mental aspect, one of their functions is to help humans receive inspiration. The sylphs are drawn to those who use their minds, particularly those on creative arts. Sylphs are usually sympathetic of human endeavors and for the most part their actions towards them are kindly and thoughtful. The Sylphs can have a profound and powerful influence on the human mental body and thought, and, they are responsible for being the primary culprit behind both inspirational art and inventions.

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