By Angela Levesque

art_of_surrenderWe have a bad habit of trying to micromanage all aspects of our everyday life.  With this constant battle comes serious undue stress and imbalance.  Somewhere in our ego mind we feel that if we just exert our control over all the minor details that somehow this will bring us a sense of peace and security.  The truth is we do need prudence and active participation, but how can we move more through life as a human being rather than a human doing?

Surrender is not the same as being weak.  In battle the person surrendering is seen as the loser, but in life, surrender is not about losing or winning.  It is about being okay with what is. Though we have some aspect of control in our everyday lives there are many things that are outside of our influence.  The more we grip tightly to those details, the more suffering we endure. Surrendering is about removing resistance from the equation.  Energetically speaking, it is a state of equilibrium.  Energy is not being leaked, drained, or invested poorly.  It is a state of being where you move through life with grace, ease and without expectation.

Being in the Moment

There is a fine line between balance, planning and prudence.  This is a struggle for many of us in our multi-tasking world.  How do we take the necessary steps, make the important plans and still be able to live in the moment?  The truth is, they are not mutually exclusive ideas.  Planning for a future event does not mean you are unable to live in the moment.  What is contained in that moment is where the distinction lies.    Being present doesn’t mean that you cannot plan for a bright future or make arrangements for that trip you always wanted to take, however while you are in the moment of planning that task is to be your focus.  Once the task is complete you don’t worry about the outcome or obsess about how each hour is going to be spent in the future. The key is where is your energy is invested. To do this, the quality of your focus is maintained in the present and not on the outcome of a future event.  Surrender is really just a state of non-attachment.

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