Learn how to Manifest True Love and your soul mate in your life now

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Do you believe that if by a certain age you haven’t managed to find that perfect relationship then you perhaps you will never find it?

Do You believe it is not possible to be Manifesting True Love at this stage in your life?

Do you think if you haven’t married by a certain age, then forget it… you might as well throw in the towel and start collecting cats?

Arielle Ford, a leading pioneer and personality in the personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement, and also the (un)official poster child for the “Over 40 First Time Bride” category, teaches us how using prayers, processes and rituals – aka The Law of Attraction – we can not only attract the ideal person, but we can also attract the ideal soul mate.

Arielle is a nationally recognized speaker, publicist, marketing expert, producer, and author of several bestselling books. She has been instrumental in facilitating the rapid growth of the self-help and human potential movement in the United States and helped launch the careers of visionaries such as Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson, and Neale Donald Walsch. She is now on a mission to make sure that everyone who desires to spend their life with a Soulmate knows that it’s not only possible to find that person but highly probable if you commit a little time, energy, intention and attention to your love life. She has helped thousands of men and women around the world manifest true love and she can help you can make it happen, too!

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