by Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

“We have to come out with newer ideas, thoughts and expectations to be true thinkers and philosophers for the New World as our consciousness evolves to the next plane of Universalism.”

Human civilization has been on a long journey, evolving toward ever-higher levels of consciousness. Man has always searched for peace outside, while it is only available inside. The outer world of technology has evolved much over time, but our inner evolution of consciousness is finally beginning to get its due attention. The time is ripe as we are passing through a shift of consciousness from religious fundamentalism, to a more scientific-based, rational approach, which leads us finally to the very core essence of all religions: practical, pragmatic, proactive spirituality.

Take the concept of meditation, for example. There was a time when meditation was considered a religious monastic approach to life, but today it has transcended the boundaries of religions and nations, and is part of a universal language. This Universalism is the next plane of consciousness.

We all make individual efforts towards our own evolving consciousness. But we are not alone with our individual efforts, nor can we transcend the barriers of materialism and enter into a world of practical spirituality without help!

Throughout all ages, there have been teachers and saints from every faith and tradition. They are living, breathing beacons on our journey toward evolving consciousness. They work eternally to uplift humanity and the human spirit. They hold our hands to guide us into the highest dimensions of life that are beyond the perception of the physical body and the physical senses. They are beyond this manifested world.

The sum total of all the grace of these saints and teachers, of all their prayers and spiritual practices, and all the blessings that have emanated from them are available to each one of us. They are available to mankind as a whole, not just to any one faith or tradition, for they are Universally available!

Their grace is always working on a very subtle plane. Maybe many of us are not conscious of it, but it is working. It is working every time we have an intuitive glimpse, every time we have a subtler feeling, every time we are drawn into something good, or toward something higher in life. Every time we have a glimpse of mercy or goodness, every time good comes to us from some unknown, unseen source their grace is with us. Every time such things happen in our life, again and again, it is grace, the blessings of all the holy ones who have worked for the betterment of human consciousness throughout time. The words from these awakened spirits have the power to remain in the ethereal world and keep working for the emancipation of human consciousness for eons.

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