By Chessie Roberts

There are two types of intentions, the passive and the powerful. The passive ones are the ones that pave the road to the nether regions of story and song. The powerful ones are the ones made with a conscious aware thinking mind. The passive intentions are the ones made to cover up a forgotten task or to obfuscate a lie. The powerful ones are the ones made in order to actively manifest something you truly desire and this is type of intention is the one I advocate here.

To intend powerfully is to participate in an interactive exercise. It is one of aware thought, positive action and targeted letting go. Participation here requires you to be conscious and aware of what you you truly want to accomplish. You need to know exactly what it looks like and feels like so that you. recognize it when you see it. If you do not have a clear picture in your mind your goal may pass you by without you realizing it.

Positive action is needed to get you headed in the right direction. You can’t expect your dream to just fall in you lap, the manifestation faeries don’t work that way. Most, if not all manifestations, that seem effortless have a lot of steady, focused, and positive action behind them. You need to follow this path if you want to get to your goal. Action with intent is positive and purposeful and always in alignment with your goal. You must be aware at all times as to whether the next thing in your path serves your goal or not. If it does, then use it, if not, let it pass you by. Your focus is your driving point.

Targeted letting go is the act of not being emotionally invested in the outcome. It is your ability to desire enough to do the first two steps and still be able to trust and allow the Universe to do its job. Trusting and allowing are strange things. By giving up all control (allowing) to the Universe in order that it can manifest the object of your desire (trusting) you are free. Completely free to continue to enjoy your path of intentional manifestation.

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