By Rick DiClemente

Whatever could I be talking about? For many years I made the mistake of trying to turn my students into astrologers. It took me a long time to realize that only a very few have the ‘lineage’ of astrology to follow. I have taught many bright people and they’re all much better for it, I think. But, what I finally realized is that astrology is THE science/art to learn in order to put an archetypal foundation to anything you do. Why is that? Because it is archetypal; that’s why. When I speak of archetypes, I speak of those ethereal forms that Plato, Joseph Campbell, James Hillman and Carl Jung referred to.

In Dr. Wayne Dyer’s marvelous book, “The Power of Intention”, he clearly defines many of the universal archetypes that inform us. Carolyn Myss does the same. True astrology tries not to predict events; it predicts archetypal probabilities. We are haunted by the former by those astrologers to try to do so. Aren’t we supposed to have free will? A deep study of these emanating forces shows us where these urges come from, the urge to survive, grow, couple, procreate, excel, etc. They are symbolized by the planets. Symbolized is hard word to describe.

There are those days when you awaken and suddenly “feel like doing this or that.” Why is that? That IS your God connection. Isn’t it marvelous? We are all connected to the Divine source whether we like it or not. It’s not a matter of opinion or belief, it just is. God’s expression coming forth from His/Her center is intelligent. This is why Wayne Dyer tells us that “intention is a force outside of ourselves!” I use the phrase “outside” very lightly as physics and psychology have both proven to us that there is no “outside.” The way we think matches the way the “world is.” How powerful we really are.

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