By Judi Lynch 

You don’t need to pack a suitcase or make a formal reservation. We can all travel without the wheel or the engine. Our intentions, thoughts and emotions can be felt in an instant. It has always been possible in our evolution to discover this but a little challenging to control. It takes courage, knowledge and practice; bi-locating to remote view, comfort a loved one, or save a life is happening more every day on Earth.

We have an astral body that vibrates at a higher frequency than our physical bodies, with it we explore realms and dimensions we have only imagined in our human form. The astral body looks just like us but it is not as solid and dense. Every sense is heightened and psychic ability pours in through the phenomena of this higher vibrational energy.

We’re most likely to astral travel when we are sound asleep and physically unaware. Do you have dreams of flying? Have you every sat up in bed in the morning with a complete feeling of euphoria and purpose but you aren’t sure where these feelings came from. You have the most amazing crew of spiritual beings, loved ones and spirit guides helping you! Whether you are aware of them in your waking hours or not, they can work miracles while you sleep. All you have to do is ask and the energy to lift you up will be there.

Our loved ones, who have crossed over, astral travel across dimensions to lend their love and endless reassurance of the healing light available. Now, more than ever, it is being experienced in all ways! Mentally, physically and emotionally, the astral travelers are coming into our consciousness and enveloping us with all the ability available to us to heal. We are all still learning how to let the light come streaming in after all we have been through to find our way. To touch, feel and know the other side of life is really there brings about the most amazing transformation you will ever know!

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