by Carmien Owen

archetypes_masculine-shadow The path to marrying passion and compassion is fraught with pitfalls. When we stumble into our shadow it is harder to see where we are going. Yet, no matter how deep the darkness, we will always be able to find our way back.

The Divine Masculine stirs up and loves the world. Throwing the spear of passion–to better understand the world we live in–is a part of spirit unfolding in form. Yet there was a time when spirit found itself amongst sabre-toothed tigers and quickly realized that mastery of the world was practical. However, the time has come for us to grow up, to embody the Divine Masculine with balance. The age we have just entered will primarily be defined by this shift.

For a man, embracing the masculine archetypes–and understanding their shadow–requires they expand their understanding of them. Men who consciously integrate all the aspects of the Divine Masculine will experience higher levels of awareness and spiritual states of being. Their life will be more satisfying. Given that the Divine Masculine is not limited to gender, women are equally served by such contemplation and integrating this wisdom into their psyche.


The God archetype is the transcendent aspect of self. Its emphasis is acceptance and unconditional love, regardless of race, gender and sexual expression. While expressing the God archetype we intuitively know what Oneness is, and that everyone is traveling a co-creative road of experience–we radiate unconditional love to all in our sphere of presence. Not only is there spiritual balance, but we find our experiences inspired with mystical connections and unexpected inspiration.

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