by Kathy Biehl

Clarity is the gift of the week. Calm might be in the mix, too — at least, more than we’ve seen lately — but overall we get to step back, catch our breath, take a good look around and assess. After we mull over what we see, we’ll find cause for optimism and self-satisfaction by the weekend. Certain relationships are headed for a happy place, too.

You’re in the process of getting the distance from last month’s intense pressure to see what it means for you personally. The pressure peaked in a metaphoric birth that delivered much into a new form: relationships, attachments, attitudes, some aspect of yourself. Last weekend refined your focus; now you face an adjustment (or choice) in how you view and present yourself. When the Sun hits a crossroad with radical, awakening Uranus on Tuesday, you may have the latitude to break away from a factor that no longer fits or feels good to you. Whichever path you choose, it’s part of the process of gaining clarity.

That is also the mission of Thursday’s Virgo New Moon.  It’s by nature geared toward analytical and discerning thinking, striving for betterment, and tending to boundaries. This one has a more heightened detached and mental component than the norm, because it happens right next to the communication planet and the sign’s ruler Mercury.  This Moon cycle gives you a dispassionate eye for the next couple of weeks as you sift through the wreckage and wonders of last month and encounter the current crop of developments. Think of it as Spock vision. It’ll carry us through to the Pisces Full Moon on the 19th. For more on the New Moon, read my mooncast, which will be posted by Monday.

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