Why are you so afraid of your feelings?

By Vedam Clementi

bigstock-Funny-Nerd-Peeking-45213427Why do we so often run from our feelings? Why do we try to avoid certain feelings, and then attempt to hold onto others? Why are feelings so misunderstood?

As a life coach, I see that many people do not understand feelings. Most people are attempting to hold onto a feeling because it feels good, even though they have no understanding of why it feels good. Some are afraid of their feelings, spending a lifetime trying to run away from them. You cannot do either of these things.

Feelings are nothing to fear, they are simply to be understood, accepted, and honored. Feelings are magnificent, and add to the deliciousness of life; some are sweet, savory, bitter, even bittersweet. When combined, you have a satisfied palette. Feelings are also part of the orchestra of life. Feelings, like an orchestra, have high notes, low notes, sharps, flats, and crescendos, and this is what makes an orchestra beautiful. Think for a moment how tedious it would be to listen to an orchestra playing only one or two notes. It would also be a very boring life with only one or two feelings throughout a whole lifetime.

Feelings tell us about ourselves, and about our judgments and perception of what is happening around us, and to us, at any given point. Feelings tell us about our desires, our wants, and whether those desires and wants are being met or not. For example, when you are experiencing happiness, your want, your desire is being met. When you are sad or angry, your desire is not being met. Think about that for a moment; your feelings tell you about your desires, and whether that desire is being met.

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