Feng Shui and Noisy Neighbors

By Kartar Diamond

Feng-Shui_Noisy-Neighbors_OMTimesTwice in two days I was asked if there is any Feng Shui remedy to quiet a noisy neighbor, so I figured it was time to write an article about this request, which does come up here and there. The type of chronic noise can vary and based on what is causing it, a different approach may be taken.

One client told me that the neighbors she shares an apartment wall with are a couple who argue and they can tell there is also physical violence going on. And since the violent husband has seniority in the same company as my client’s husband, they are reluctant to call the police or make it known that it would be them reporting the crime.  My client’s husband does not want to lose his job, in other words.

Now, this is a terrible circumstance to be in: to not report violence because your job could be jeopardized.  In the other recent complaint about a noisy neighbor, it was more of the regular problem where someone in an adjacent unit is just oblivious to how much their voice carries or that they really shouldn’t be re-arranging their furniture every night.

Many years ago, a client told me that she placed the reflective side of a mirror on the floor, facing her neighbor’s unit below her. She had heard about this “cure” from the New Age version of Feng Shui and she swore it worked, that her neighbor quieted down after the mirror was placed.  Now, something like this only feeds the perpetual misconceptions people have about Feng Shui.  A solution like this sounds more like magic, as if you were to cast some spell over another person.

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About The Author

Kartar Diamond grew up in Southern California in the 1970’s and always had an interest in metaphysics and holistic lifestyle choices. She met Master Sang in 1992 became one of his senior graduate instructors from the American Feng Shui Institute. Kartar founded her own company, Feng Shui Solutions, and has advised thousands of clients and students about the healthful benefits of this still greatly misunderstood practice.

  • wtfbamboo

    Personally I have realized very positive results by using mirrors and setting the proper intentions when dealing with loud undesirable neighbors on more than one occasion. I know of several others who have also benefited from using mirrors involving the same issues.

  • me

    Why didn’t you give a solution if you thought that was magic?, anyhow I tried this mirror test and it works.These two neighbors fight like cats and dogs and bang things around all the time well I tried this mirror test and they have since gotten a lot quieter.