Forget everything you thought you knew about your daily multivitamin, your exercise routine, lifestyle habits and even your morning cup of Joe

lifestyle habits could be sabotaging your health_omtimesThe missing ingredient? Micronutrients: essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids you’re unknowingly stripping from your diet and depleting with your lifestyle.

Publisher’s Note: After this article, make sure you take the The Naked Calories Mini-Micronutrient Sufficiency Challenge and see how you are doing.

Harvard and Yale Medical School trained Nutritionist Jayson Calton, PhD, FAAIM, CISSN, CMS and licensed nutritionist, fitness chef and integrative health expert Mira Calton, CN embarked on a six-year global research expedition in 2005 and discovered that modern practices such as global food distribution, factory farming, and food processing are creating foods filled with naked calories – calories devoid of any real nutritional value. In NAKED CALORIES (Changing Lives Press; Oct. 1, 2013), the Caltons break down optimal health into a simple 3-step plan that teaches you how to source better foods, eliminate unhealthy habits and make choosing the best supplement as easy as A-B-C.

If you struggle with weight no matter what you do, are plagued with constant food cravings, have been or actively fear being diagnosed with a lifestyle habits related disease such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or osteoporosis, suffer from low energy, stress or poor sleep, this book is your habits could be sabotaging your health_omtimes

NAKED CALORIES offers a simple and effective 3-step plan to amp up your weight loss and protect your body from the lifestyle habits, conditions and diseases plaguing America today:

1. SWITCH TO RICH FOOD: identify rich foods that boost your metabolism and fill your body with essential micronutrients, enabling you to function at peak performance levels at both work and play

2. DRIVE DOWN DEPLETION: identify Everyday Micronutrient Depleters (EMDs) – dietary and lifestyle habits that rob you of optimal health

3. LEARN THE ABCs: the simple, strategic supplementation steps to take you from average to extraordinary – even when your diet and daily activities don’t go perfectly accordingly to plan

Regardless of what diet you follow and without any calorie restrictions, NAKED CALORIES shows you how to take control of your health today. Follow the Caltons’ 3-step plan and achieve sustained weight loss (no more yo-yo dieting!), prevent and reverse disease (Mira used this exact plan to reverse her advanced osteoporosis), and live your life optimally.

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