Spiritual Self-Defense: Tips You Must Know to Protect Your Spirit

spiritual-self-defense_OMTimesby Bill Philipps

When I “came out of the closet” as a professional Psychic Medium 4 years ago, I was going on blind faith that Spirit would teach me all that I needed to know, and I was eager to learn all that I could in a short time. Little did I know, I was going to receive a crash course in Spiritual Self-Defense 101! |

I recall starting my day feeling energized and ready to save the world, yet, by days end, I was fatigued, over emotional and at times down right irritated.

Why was this happening? From where were these emotions and physical drain coming? The eager student inside me asked the Universe and my Spiritual team to please help me find the answer.

The next day, I stumbled across an article on the benefits of meditation.

Meditation, eh? I thought. I have to admit, at that point, I did not begin my day with a meditative ritual. I just asked Spirit to come through to help people that came to me, and my request was always fulfilled! Interestingly enough, I was the one who needed help.

I made the conscious decision to add meditation to my daily practice, and quickly came to an understanding of just how connected our spiritual and physical bodies truly are. When one is out of balance, the other will suffer; and boy, was my physical body taking a beating from the simple fact that I was not protecting myself spiritually before taking on the energies of clients who were grieving, confused, sad, lonely, etc.

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  • Reannan Keene

    I truly enjoyed this and feel I stumbled across the article at the perfect time. I can relate very well to the need of Spiritual Protection. Almost as if with this daily practice we can build our Spiritual Immune system. Thank you !

  • omtimes

    You are most welcome! Bill Philipps wrote a great article!

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  • Vernon

    Signs of a psychic ATTACK
    external heart palpitations
    loss of appetite
    being energetically overwhelmed
    being incapable of feeling like moving
    chest pains mimicking lung issues etc
    throat pains mimicking lymphatic pain
    stabbing pains in any place
    light headed ness, dizziness
    general feeling of un-wellness can be severe to the point of feeling as if you’re dying.
    vision issues
    Many other issues. when you feel like youre having heart conditions or a stroke check your blood pressure , it will be and remain normal. A black magic attack can bring you to your knees.

    Two years experience in attacks have shown me.
    This actually happens and it hasn’t just happened to me. the only thing to do with it is remove blockages to love, all of them, thoughts emotions attitudes, and come to being a joyful person all the time. That is how you deal with black magic because thats exactly what you’re dealing with. love is infinite so receive their energies in love and cast that infinite love back at them. the hope is they change; if not they can destroy themselves.
    tons more symptoms than this. When you get to the point of only sending love back , it is their belief that their energy will instead bounce back at their own family members and themselves. Ive read enough about it to know, casting black magic on light beings is self destructive, if you have hate or malicious feelings of any kind you dont qualify for the pure energy of spirit to protect. so use the attacks as motivation, do some kundalini rising to help the energy increase in your chakras, mostly in all thoughts , attitudes and feelings be love.

  • Tina Caryl

    I’ve lived with loss, many fears and an illness(s) that consume my energy. I’m on a path of spiritual awakening. This has been a very impactful article. Thank you Bill Philipps and OMTimes Magazine. Many blessings to you.