Second, this eclipse is awakening themes and issues from April 1995, the last time a Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurred at this degree. Whether the players are the same or not, you have the opportunity now to revisit, redo or make a different choice about an important relationship development that took place that spring or summer.  For example, if you left a marriage then, you may now discover and clear out a residual attachment (which you may not have even suspected was there). Or you might, instead, become aware of how drastically you have rewritten personal relationship guidelines since that spring. If you started a relationship in 1995, it was probably unlike anything you would remotely consider now.

Finally, the jumble of endings, adjustments and beginnings occurring now are tied to the ongoing reshaping of the metaphoric earth beneath our feet, which has been cracking and shifting since June 2012. Another round of shifting is building as this eclipse takes place. The tension from the build-up is accentuating and accelerating the the shuffling and reshuffling we’re experiencing in relationships. It’s also bringing up for reconsideration, reworking or renewal developments that occurred between last Christmas Eve and New Year’s.

Here’s why not to panic:  No matter what surface form events take, the effect is beneficial in the long run — and exactly where you want to be.

You’ve got ample motivation to rethink arrangements and agreements, renegotiate them, shake them up and even blow them up. (The Powers That Be could deliver an easy out for that last possibility).  The gumption comes from the Moon having just passed action god Mars in Libra, while the breaking of perspectives and locks is courtesy of messenger Mercury scheming with unpredictable change agent Uranus.

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