Feng Shui: Return to Your True Self

By Ken Lauher

Feng Shui these three areas of your home to raise your confidence, achieve your goals and find fulfillment.

feng-shui_OMTimesOne of my main objectives, and the thing I enjoy doing more than nearly anything else, is helping people discover their true purpose in order to live a more fulfilling life.

Many people ask me: “How will I know when I’m living my true purpose?” You’ll know it. Just as you’ll feel it when the flow of chi through your space is in perfect alignment with your goals and your purpose, you’ll know when you’ve returned to your true self and are on the path to achieving fulfillment.

When we’re living our true life purpose, things fall into place. That doesn’t mean you won’t ever have problems or setbacks or even the occasional “bad day,” but the way you view these incidents will change. You will see problems as challenges, and have the creativity to confront them in a productive way.

You’ll find that everything you need and want begins flowing to you, as long as you keep your mind and eyes open to it. It will be easier to live in the moment, appreciate your blessings, and view obstacles as exciting challenges to overcome. Sounds like the kind of life you’d love, doesn’t it? It all begins with one step.

Understanding your Number One Goal

If you’re just beginning this path to discovering your true self, consider this question: What are the top three things — or even one thing — you’d like to accomplish? What’s your desired outcome?

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