Choosing Love Over Fear

By Judi Lynch

love-over-fear_OMTimesFree will, life-changing decisions, karma and soul themes. All of these variables and more can insist on crashing into each other with extreme force for some who are trying to overcome the fear of loving. Yes, the absolute fear of loving and giving away too much of ourselves. Spiritually, we are discovering the concepts of unconditional love and detachment from outcome.

As evolving beings, we are being asked to make choices that some find extremely challenging because of their delicate hearts.

It is no myth that people have died on this earthly plane from a broken heart but it doesn’t have to happen. We are truly learning how to heal our hearts by listening to our spiritual connections.

We can regain the true power we were born with by heightening our ability to absolutely know there is so much more to being than these physical needs and human emotions.

The anxiety that we hold onto has nothing to do with the future unless we allow it and everything to do with past experience feeding fleeting emotions.

How do we let those fears become lessons learned with new and amazing insights unfolding everyday? Where do we put those visions of times when we were less than loved and accepted, remembering we are always loved and accepted? Every single minute we are alive on this planet we are being cared for by the spiritual beings that share our energy and love us unconditionally. They bring us hope through messages, signs, synchronicities and people.

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