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Many people perceive Feng Shui as just another way to decorate a home, placing water fountains in corners and hanging wind chimes in the entryway. Certainly, we can use a variety of objects to activate, balance or redirect the chi in a specific area to achieve specific goals. But, intention is equally as powerful as the Feng Shui cures that we employ to achieve our desired results — and often even more powerful.

When I perform a Feng Shui consultation or space cleansing in a home, business or apartment, I look at the aspects of Feng Shui we can see, such as the placement of your kitchen, the look and feel of your entryway, and the colors of your master bedroom. But I also assess the chi by gauging the subjective, intangible forces derived from my intuition. Feng Shui is as much about how a space makes us feel as how it looks or how well the chi flows through it. In many cases, these intuitive insights lead us to cures and solutions that can create astounding success we may not have experienced otherwise.

Because Feng Shui is rooted so deeply in the Intention you place behind the cures, a Feng Shui consultation is only the first step. I finish every Feng Shui consultation with an action plan for the client that offers easy Suggestions they can use right away. After a consultation or even after employing Feng Shui cures on your own, it is important to take positive action to realize your goals to live a more fulfilled life. “Intention Can Improve Your Results by 120%”

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