3.  Earth star above and below you. Again with your eyes closed, imagine there’s a small star a foot or two above your head, and another one the same distance below your feet. Imagine light, or energy, flowing from the upper star to the lower one, as if you can sense universal energy connecting you with sky and earth. Let the energy flow back and forth, both ways, through your body and your being.

4.  Sensing the aura. Here’s one you can do with yourself or with another person. Imagine you can hold your hands out away from your body or that of another. Feel your palms sensing energy around the body. You may feel heat, or tingling, or other sensation. Move your hands around and see if you can retain the sensation. If working with another, see how far you can move away from the person and still feel the sensation. You’re feeling the presence of the aura, the human energy field.

5.  Opening and closing the third eye. With your eyes closed, let yourself see your third eye area, the brow chakra just above and between the physical eyes. See how open this area is or isn’t. Give it a percentage if you can. If it’s not very open, imagine it opening slightly more, perhaps 10 or 20 per cent more. Experiment gently with opening and closing it different amounts, and see what feels comfortable for now. Is it more comfortable opened further, or less? You may feel some sensation there. For now, set this chakra’s opening somewhere within your comfort range.

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