Enhance Your Health through Affirmations

By Channa Serenity


affirmations_enhance-your-health_OMTimes6 months ago I was diagnosed with a neuro-immune dis-ease called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). ME is a debilitating illness and has attempted to turn my once very active life upside down.  Many ME patients are in wheelchairs, and even bedridden, the illness has no cause and no cure.  I’m very fortunate to have studied the healing arts for the past 10 years; it’s always been the love of my life. I have some holistic tricks up my sleeve so ME isn’t going to get the best of me! I’d like to share something that I’ve found to be pivotal in my own discovery to recovery.  Several years ago I read Biology of Belief by Dr.Bruce Lipton, here I learned about the power of the mind.

Whatever you believe to be true you will experience.  We are the equivalent of our thoughts. Embrace this fact. You can empower all aspects of your life through your thoughts and your words. You can enhance your health.  An amazing way to increase your faith and teach yourself to believe is through affirmations. Affirmations are a sequence of words, recited in present tense throughout the day. They are messages to your sub-conscious mind that rewire your belief systems and allow you to live the life you truly desire and deserve to live.

I’d like to share with you 10 affirmations that I use daily to regain my health. Affirmations to enhance your health can be used by anybody, they can be used whether you have a chronic dis-ease or if you are wonderfully healthy, I believe them to be preventative and curative.

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