Manifestation Basics

manifestationBy Cindy Morris

John Corsa and I held a gathering the other evening in which we taught some very basic MUST KNOW tenets of manifestation. I got to thinking about the “letting it go” part of the process and flashed on being in a restaurant. You know when you are in a restaurant you give your order to the waitperson and KNOW, with 100% complete certainty, that what you ordered will be brought to you as soon as it is ready. You don’t go chasing after the waitperson to make sure he put the order in and you don’t go into the kitchen to supervise the preparation of your meal. No! You give the order to the server and carry on with your conversation or your blogging or whatever you’re doing and then VOILA!, as if by magic, your food arrives.

That’s exactly how manifestation works.

Put in your order. KNOW that your order will be completed and brought back to you as soon as it is ready and in the meantime just carry on doing what you’re doing. I’ll have the vegie burger on a gluten-free bun.

6 Steps for Manifestation through Energetic Intention

1.  Set your intention when you are in a joyous mood. Manifestation begins with an energetic impulse  and since ‘like energy’ attracts ‘like energy’ you cannot create a positive manifestation if you are in a negative state of mind. Joyous energy attracts more joy.

2.  Focus your attention. The longer you can focus on a thought or visualization with mono-focused attention the clearer the signal to the Universe to hold the energy there.

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