Manifestation – Working with your Guardian Angel

By Sarah Delamere Hurding

manifestation_Magic_OMTimesHere are some tips to help you stay positive and rise above the doom and gloom of this so-called recession. There is absolutely NO need to buy into the negative spin as you will see below….

Below you will find some simple techniques and work with your Guardian Angel for the manifestation of good things in your life. Angels that know and love God and do his bidding do not feel restricted by man-made constructs such as the recession…

ASK and ye shall receive

The simple act of asking for Angelic intervention transmutes a myriad of sins and negativity. When you put out for help of a supernatural nature, you should feel your vibration elevate and your mood lighten; so project a positive attitude and ASK for God’s help. This in itself is a simple act of trust and faith. It is not a cop out and is actually quite brave. You are trusting in something unseen which can’t be proven except through experiential experience. Test the spirits and be assured that you will be looked after. Nothing is beyond God’s reach, not even adverse material circumstances.

UPGRADE your vision and attitude

If you are open to positive affirmations and adopt a positive attitude, you will enhance your chances of success in ALL aspects of your life. You can focus on and visualize anything that you wish to obtain for yourself or for your loved ones. This is not mercenary. In fact given the current economic climate it is probably sensible. It is perfectly reasonable to wish for material benefits, so long as you do this in a spiritually acceptable way.

The key to making the magic happen is to FOCUS. If you are stubborn: even better. You will improve your results if you persist. Do not hesitate until you reach your goal. Hold the vision and do not let it go. Your positive belief will then deliver what you are putting out for in the way that is BEST for you.

Remember God knows better than we do what is right for us. But there is no need to feel guilty about asking for what you feel is right for you. Your own belief and creativity is God given. You might as well use it to benefit you and your loved ones.

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