The Law of Attraction and The Ego

By Mandy Peterson

law-of-attraction_ego_OMTimesWhen the Law of Attraction surfaced in a pop culture way, it brought a lot of hope to many people that we could begin to control our circumstances. Though this is true, many of us are beginning to find that this process is not as easy as simply applying affirmations. There is also more that we can consider as “thought.” Thoughts are everywhere, after all; conscious ones, unconscious ones, personal ones, collective ones, etc. Which, all these thoughts are manifesting in direct and indirect (symbolic) ways.

Many of us also have never stopped to ask ourselves “Why do my thoughts want what they want?” or “Does what I am going for can incur other less favorable side effects for myself or for the collective (if a collective is going for the same things)?” So, while we may have part of the “Secret,” there still seems something more to learn.

Part of the problem is that when people started hearing, teaching, and promoting some of these concepts of attraction and manifestation, they got twisted in order to accommodate our present lifestyles. Thus, such metaphysical concepts came to be primarily used to serve a dysfunctional world. Why did this happen? Understandably, it happened because of the ego, and because of our need to serve our base wants, needs, fears, and desires.

Men who had not fully awakened became teachers of metaphysical concepts. They taught such concepts from a state of not fully knowing their Divine Self; other than within the mental realm. Because they did not fully know their Divine Self, they were unable to teach others how to fill an inner void with anything other than aspects of the material world. If they had first understood that such a void can only be filled with self-love and Self-understanding, things would be very different.

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