Be Kind to Your Feet – Removing Corns and Calluses

By Dr. Paul Haider

corns-calluses_OMTimesCorns and Calluses on your feet are a constant bother and many of us have them. Here are a few ways to make your feet nice and soft… looking like a babies bottom.

First of all soak your feet in Epson salt for 20 to 30 minutes until the corns are soft and then use a pumice stone to remove as much of the corn as possible.

You can also make a mixture of turmeric, aloe, and bromelian which comes from pineapples that will soften the skin and make it easy to remove… or instead of bromelian use tea tree oil. Apply and cover with a bandage over night and then wash your feet and pumice them again. You may have to do this a few times to get rid of all the corn and calluses.

The juice of green figs is also great for softening corns so you can remove them. And you can also use mustard oil on your corns because it kills any bacterial infections.–wash it off every day. Papaya juice applied to the corn and left overnight will break down the old skin making it easy to remove.

Caster oil applied for 3 or 4 minutes… 3 times a day will also do the trick. Cut off some lemon peel, make sure the yellow zest is very thick and put that on your foot overnight and bandage… your corn and calluses will soften up making them easy to remove.

Take a Chamomile Tea bag that’s wet and apply it to your feet for 1 to 3 hours… this will also soften the skin and make the skin easy to remove. The juice of a poinsettia leaf can also be used… apply it twice a day and wash your feet in between, this can also be used for warts. Soak your feet in a mild solution of borax, this will make the dead skin easy to remove.

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