Is This Habit Keeping You Single?

by Colette Baron-Reid

Tired of waiting? Tired of affirmations, positive thinking, blind dates, and online dating?

Habit-Keeping-Single_OMTimesI know it is easy to lose faith when you have just broken up with another disappointing lover. I realize that it is easy to panic when 40 is approaching and you want a baby worse than anything. Of course it feels unfair when you think someone tossed you into the desert without your ok. Distant memories of fruitful times of abundance may torture you and make you want to give up.

While you may not be sure what TO do when you finally surrender to your surroundings, take a good look around and search for a hidden blessing (which always, always exists, BTW), I can tell you what you absolutely must NOT do and that is to complain. When you find yourself in the desert, complaining will propel you into the Ghost lands, and you don’t want to be there, trust me.

Here are the five reasons you have to stop complaining about your circumstances and if you want to get out of the Barren Desert and find True Love, I suggest you start today.

1. Complaining is sending a sure fire signal to the Universe that says….More of this pleaseSeriously, is that what you want? Your voice is made of vibrational energy. Your words are echoing your thoughts and feelings into the ethers. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…Guard your mouth and measure the words you speak carefully.

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About The Author

Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally renowned intuitive counselor, educator and best selling Hay House author who helps others recognize and connect with their own intuition, potential and purpose. Powerful motivational speaker, charismatic broadcast personality, and acclaimed performer, storyteller and recording artist, Colette uses her extraordinary spiritual gifts to empower her clients to live a life that is ‘awake and authentic’ and to create a reality that is spiritual, deliberate and meaningful.