By Kathy Biehl

Beginnings and endings. Arrivals and departures. Blossoming and uprooting. That’s the texture of this week and the four that follow. 

eclipses_astrologyWe’re entering a landscape-altering gauntlet of eclipses and revolutionary convulsions and contractions. Landmasses are emerging or reshaping, while new growth is bursting forth from cracks and cultivated ground alike. Our worlds, and to a great extent our selves, are reformulating.

Don’t walk out into this unprepared. Sink down your grounding cord and lock it in tightly. Keep your wits and towel about you, your expectations, knees and neck loose (who needs whiplash in the midst of all this?) and your eyes to the future. Look for reasons to smile, too. They are plenty, whatever else may be going on.

The beginnings taking shape have quite a long growth potential. Flames have ignited that will burn for the next two years. That’s the length of Mars’ new cycle that started last week when he joined with the Sun late Wednesday (early Thursday in the Eastern Hemisphere). Impulses, agendas and sheer life force will stabilize and develop to color and drive our lives over that time. They’re enjoying a prolonged send-off, since Mars and the Sun are still traveling together — acting in tandem and boosting our ability to push ourselves forward –for nearly four more weeks.

Your emotions lately have given clues to what is emerging. Where have you felt the new phase, the new approach, the new resolve? Where have you felt like scorched earth? The blast of that conjunction was fierce, and it erupted like a flare from a gas well within anyone who has placements at the very late degrees of fire signs. (This includes you, Boomers from 1955-56.) The point of departure is wherever 28 Aries appears in your chart. To learn more about this cycle, read Mary Plumb’s article Meeting Mars: Inside and Out at The Mountain Astrologer blog.

As these fires glow — think of a spark traveling down a long, long fuse — they have the protection of the current Taurus emphasis. It’s banking the fire and embers and, to mix metaphors wildly, the sprouting seeds. You’re building, or finding, practical, tangible structures, retaining walls and supports for your inspirations and budding visions.

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