Lowering Blood Glucose Naturally

By Dr. Paul Haider

lowering-blood-glucose_Bilberry_OMTimes 300Lots of people are either diabetic or pre-diabetic and need to control their blood sugar level, and are interested in lowering blood glucose naturally. Here are 12 amazing herbs that lowering blood glucose naturally and much more.

12 Herbs and Foods for Lowering Blood Glucose Naturally

Shilajit - This mineral salt from India is sometimes called the “Destroyer of Diabetes” and it contains lots of minerals, peptides, fulvic acid, dibenzo-alpha-pyrones, and other lipids. Studies show while taking Shilajit blood glucose drops significantly and LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol goes down, plus triglycerides, and HDL or good cholesterol increases.

Ginseng – This amazing herb lowers blood glucose by limiting the tri-carboxylic acid cycle thus increasing insulin output, plus keeping insulin producing cells alive and thriving. At the same time Ginseng promotes a healing effect to the lining of all arteries in the body thus helping to prevent heart attacks.

Bitter Melon – This Asian food contains a plant like insulin substance that not only lowers blood glucose but also lowers glucose in all the tissues of the body. Also Bitter Melon promotes proper carbohydrate digestion allowing far less glucose to be released into the body. And Bitter Melon can reverse insulin resistants, and prevent complications that occur with uncontrolled diabetes.

Cinnamon – There are so many studies showing that Cinnamon can lower blood glucose by almost 30% and at the same time lower LDL cholesterol by almost 28%, and lower triglycerides by up to 30%. Other studies show a 20 times increase in glucose metabolism thus lower blood sugar… and Cinnamon contains lots of powerful polyphenols like green tea that prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer.

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