Blood Moon in Libra

by Salvador Russo

Blood-moon_OMTimesOn April 15th the first of four long heralded ” blood moons ” will appear to awe and wonder. The prophetic, even apocalyptic undertones of the blood moon will fuel speculation throughout the world. The profound significance relates to the ancient scriptures which foretold of “seals” and “horseman.”

The truth, as I understand it, is that the four blood moons are the “four horseman” of Revelation and that the utter destruction of Babylon, the shadow kingdom on Earth, is upon us. I now present to you my humble interpretation of the first blood moon which occurs in the House of Libra, the House of Judgement.

This eclipse will activate a new life cycle that will elevate and connect us with the perfect people at the perfect times and for the perfect reasons. This cycle is all about the prosperity of partnerships and quality of life enhancements that come through valuable relationships, existing and new. Expect God to answer your prayers through the wealth and opportunity that finds you through hands extended in the weeks ahead.

It is intended that forms of poverty and pain, however they exist, are soon vanquished through the harmonious and profitable dealings just ahead of us. Ascension will come most quickly to those who can cooperate to solve great problems, restore peace, exchange equally, and create higher qualities of life for as many people as possible. Believe that injustices in our lives will fade away and that great rewards will be given to those whom the scales favor.

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