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Your eyes meet across a crowded room and, for a moment, your heart skips a beat.  As he strolls over you feel like the belle of the ball who is about the meet her real-life Prince Charming.  He speaks.  You respond, smiling sweetly butterflies swirling in your tummy.   It’s like a scene from a Hollywood movie where the ordinary girl finally meets her soul-mate.  The embrace at the end of the night confirms what you have felt all along: Finally you have met the one: Your soul-mate.

Beautiful isn’t it?  Or is it?  You see anyone who has experienced a soul-mate relationship knows that the happy ending depicted in the Hollywood movies is nothing more than a myth.  It’s an illusion that many of us spend years chasing, only to be left disappointed and heartbroken.   The reality is that your soul-mate relationship will often be the relationship that gives you the most intense pleasure and passion, only to be shattered by the same intensity of challenge, pain and heartache.  More often than not this will culminate in loss. The loss of a love that seemed so true and familiar, as well as a loss of one’s self.  It hardly fits that rose-tinted image of the soul-mate relationship that you have dreamed of or yearned for.

It is likely that you will have many soul-mates who will cross your path at different times in your life.  They come into your life at a point when you are ready to take the next step on your spiritual and life journey.  Therefore, your soul-mate can be anybody; a boss, colleague, friend, family member or lover.  Despite the different relationship types the core ingredient remains the same, being that they are part of your soul group.  At another time, in another place you would have made a soul agreement with that person to meet again in this lifetime, so that you both can learn karmic lessons.  With this in mind it is important to understand that your soul-mate is only intended to be with you for a short while.  They hold your hand for part of your journey, letting go when lessons have been learned.  This differs greatly from the image of soul-mates presented in the movies and romantic novels, where the soul-mates stay together forever: Making the soul-mate relationship the biggest myth and illusion of all time.

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  • Vernon

    decent simplified approach

  • Vernon

    After an intense year of twin flame energies all i can say is the more you ask you what you need to change, the more you will change. The more dysfunctional your emotions are the harder it is, and eventually you learn to rewrite that dysfunction. Its an epic ego versus spirit struggle, or if you prefer conscious versus subconscious mind. The process helps you realize you can change everything about yourself.